photography by Maryse Benge

This is the moody orchestra, a project of Tobias Oeckler, which has effectively always been a 'one man and his guitar' affair. But he brought together bands within the realms of sonic recordings, who have never met. So it shows, that his songs, that are performed live mostly by himself, may wear broadly arranged embroidered musical garments in his recorded works.

Over the course of two years, a new album has been in the making since 2021. Produced by Sergio Escoda at Tin Pan Lizzy, Amsterdam, the moody orchestra's most elaborate work to date has been brought to life.

The new album tells tales of contrast - light and darkness, divine and mundane, life and death. It clearly documents the influence of years of practising yoga and kirtan, the chanting of mantras, and diving into Indian music and mysticism on his songwriting.

After traveling back to India, source of inspiration for many tales on the new album, to take a break from daily life and the lengthy recording process, the new album, that came to be christened 'tales of transience and eternity' was released on 22.11.2023.